pretty dead girl – a musical necromance

The forensics of love-and-loss and life-and-death make for a quirkily funny, dramatic and ultimately uplifting tale of love at first sight in this twisted award-winning musical comedy. Mortie (Christian CampbellTrick) is struggling with his decidedly odd taste in women – he falls in love with all the beautiful corpses that pass through his morgue.  But it’s not until he finally notices the shy, love-struck and equally odd nurse Viola (Christina Souza, “Selena”) that he decides to do something about it — see a Shrink (Michael Shepperd).  Unfortunately Viola has made her own decisions about how to transform herself into the kind of girl Mortie will notice.  Will they connect before it’s too late… or is true love dead?

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Pretty Dead Girl is a color film with 5.1 Dolby Surround Sound, running time 21 min. for more information please email:

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