Danny Firmin (Jesse Bradford) just sat second chair on the high-profile Malcolm Miller case — defending the alleged murderer of the 8-year-old son of California Governor Mark Bennett (Patrick Warburton). Although the trial has ended and the jury has begun its deliberation, Danny finds oddities in the case that force him to dig deeper and deeper into a dark conspiracy to convict the accused man.

Meanwhile, the jury is cut off from the outside world until they can come to a unanimous decision. One juror, Anna (Summer Glau), is confident of the defendant’s innocence but then a threat to her sister’s life mysteriously appears in her hotel room. How did it get there? Who is leaking their votes? Trapped, powerless and alone, Anna has no choice but to do what she’s told, but is that enough to save her sister?

Beliefs are compromised, morals are tested, and surprising alliances are formed as Danny and Anna put their lives in jeopardy to expose the conspiracy and find true justice for a potentially innocent man.

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